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Attorney Christopher Pearsall is a full-time licensed Rhode Island lawyer with a law practice focused in the area of divorce and family law serving the Rhode Island Divorce and Family Courts. Attorney Pearsall practices before the Providence County Family Court (which covers both Providence and Bristol Counties), the Kent County Family Court, the Washington County Family Court, and the Newport County family court.

As a working class man, Attorney Christopher Pearsall experienced the Rhode Island family court system first-hand in his own Rhode Island divorce proceeding before becoming a lawyer. It is Attorney Pearsall's personal experiences as a client, a Pro Se litigant, and now as a practicing family law lawyer that set him apart from other domestic relations attorneys practicing in the Rhode Island family courts.

As a new client you will quickly discover that Attorney Pearsall is genuinely concerned about your issues, both legal and non-legal, and that he responds to your needs and expends the time necessary to insure that you understand your legal matter and your alternatives to enable you to make informed decisions about your case.

Attorney Pearsall's demeanor is both cheerful and refreshing. However, it would be a mistake to equate his agreeable demeanor as a sign of weakness in his practice. When it is called for Attorney Pearsall is nothing short of a zealous and aggressive advocate for his clients.

Attorney Pearsall's answer to one client's question is perhaps the most telling about his philosophy, integrity and his law practice.

Question:  Mr. Pearsall, what sets you apart from other divorce lawyers in Rhode Island?

Answer:  I care.  You see, I've already walked in your shoes.  I know what you are going through.  It makes it very easy for me to care about your fears, your frustrations, your concerns, and your family problems.

You aren't just bringing me a legal case.  You are trusting me with a part of your life! That's very serious in my book.

Now don't get me wrong.  I am not saying that when you select a Rhode Island divorce lawyer that you have to choose one who has been through a family court battle in order to receive good legal representation.

What I am saying is that in my experience people are more careful, more diligent, and fight harder for someone or some thing that they genuinely care about. I bring that caring to the table with me when I agree to represent you.

If you want an attorney who will care about your case as if it were his own, I'd be more than happy to consider representing you.

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